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We are a B-Corp


Croqqer connects people who need help and those who can give it.

Call it work. It’s work rethought.

You can make any request, it just needs to be legal, right?

Croqqer promotes the exchanges among those who live nearby, to have people circulate economic and social value.  Anyone can be part of this community, requesting help or giving time and skills. Insert a request, apply to a posted  task and be of help, earning something or on a pro-bono basis.

You have 3 ways to insert a request for service:

– Indicating how much are you willing to pay;

– Proposing an exchange of services;

– Asking for pro-bono help.

As for pro-bono help…be reasonable, don’t expect anyone to propose to work for free on building your company’s web site or move your shop to a new location! Whereas, be ready to see people offering to deliver an old neighbor the shopping or give him a lift to the doctor’s.

These 3 different ways to have a work done, open up possibilities and enable Croqqer to have a positive impact also with collective actions. Croqqer fosters in fact actions of “urban renewal”, collaborations among people most in need, volunteer activities for companies’ employees and makes it easy for NGOs, Time Banks or Social Street associations to find the help they need and otherwise difficult to obtain.

This is also the reason why Croqqer is a certified B-Corporation: beyond profit, we pursue common good for society, the environment and the community in which we operate.

Have a look at our Manifesto and find more info here.

Every connection is an opportunity to get to know people of your city or neighborhood and exchange experiences with them. Over 30% of Croqqer’s services are in fact given on a pro-bono basis. We are not saying that this has always to be the way, but it shows how people are willing to reach out and help others.

What we also know is that through Croqqer people get to have some pretty interesting and uncommon experiences.

So, if you are also thinking that is not the best idea to spend the weekend to assemble Ikea shelves all on your own, or break your back moving your auntie’s sofa, well, you are nearly there!

Post your request and chose among those offering you their help, and then tell us how you did get on with it.