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Our Manifesto

“Doing Things Together”


Croqqer is a global community built on values:

we believe in making society and the planet better,

without compromise.

Croqqer creates and fosters local clusters of people

who share and exchange their time and talents,

and by doing so unite as humans again.

Croqqer creates well-being and improves people’s lives

by fostering trust-based neighborhoods and allowing

people to dedicate their time to what they love the most.

Croqqer is always local for local,

while all its communities remain open, inclusive,


Its business ideal is the Benefit Corporation and its

preferred currencies are trust, and mutual respect.

Croqqer is the new paradigm of human interaction,

the redefinition of how work is done,

the forge of entrepreneurship,

the evolution from transaction to relationship.

Life is a gift,

offering infinite opportunities to give and receive.

Croqqer makes work rewarding again,

by transforming it into a seamless sharing in the form of

human moments and skills.

Some may see Croqqer as ‘A Facebook with a purpose’,

others as ‘The Internet of People’.

Croqqer is just one of the best ways to find each other

again, by doing things together.

While Technology Connects it is Humanity that Unites.